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3D MURAL MODEL PROJECT  | Making Art Accessible

Until now, no 3D mural models existed for the disability community in Iowa or the Midwest. 

Your donation will provide greater access to arts and culture for people of all abilities by funding the creation of four public, 3D murals in the state of Iowa. Click your payment type to donate and make an impact in minutes! 

The 3D Mural Model Project Goals

  1. Help ensure equal access to public mural art regardless of ability.

  2. Heighten disability awareness, transform the Iowa landscape, express community values of diversity and inclusion, and enhance the cultural environment through art.

  3. Highlight employment opportunities in the arts and culture sector for individuals living with disabilities.


100% of every dollar goes towards impact!

$25/Bronze: help provide community outreach 
$50/Silver: help provide mentorship work
$100/Sterling: help fund universal design research 
$150/Gold: help facilitate socially engaged workshops
$250/Diamond: help pay for Braille transcription 
$375/Platinum: help provide for audio + video production
$500/Sapphire: help fund project design and site consideration 
$1,000+/Ruby: help pay for 3D printing technology 
3D Therm 5175_edited.png


This digital wall is dedicated to my patrons who have contributed generously to the 3D Mural Model Project and the communities this project serves.  

Invest DSM                                            Ruby
The City of Des Moines                     
Parks and Recreation                          Ruby
Marsha Ternus                                      Sapphire
Super Low Price Autoglass               Diamond
Julia Franklin                                         Sterling
Michelle Bolton King                           Sterling
Torry Simmons                                     Silver
Peggy Anderson                                   Silver
Brandi Bretthauer                                 Silver
Officer Kelly Drane                               Bronze

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