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marsha t.jfif

Marsha Ternus

Former Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court

"The beauty and thoughtfulness of Jill’s inclusive art is amazing! I was so moved by the "We Are Iowa" video describing her school mural and other projects that I immediately got online and made a donation to support her unique and important work."

Dana James

Black Iowa News

"Wells is the talent behind many highly visible murals and art projects in Iowa and elsewhere. Young Black children in Des Moines will grow up seeing themselves reflected in the murals’ themes. Wells’ soaring murals across the state have the power to revolutionize how we see ourselves and maybe how others see us as well."

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Cody Dolinsek-246x330_edited.jpg

Cody  Dolinsek

Drake University Assistant Professor of Philosophy

"Wells' intention and awareness shows the power of partnership and creativity. Her work I think makes me feel vindicated." 

Sabah Koko

Iowa-based Artist
2022 AXA Mentee

"Jill has taught me how to talk about my artwork and learn more about the career and business of being an artist."

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