The BSA Project is at the heart of Wells' Fellowship and focuses on data that drives change, and art that creates understanding, new forms of communication and pathways into a more inclusive world. The goals of this project include socially engaged work with individuals of all abilities, through various interdisciplinary art workshops and talks to create new modes of working through the arts, that are inclusive and representational. Proactively collecting data, outcomes, and feedback to assess and understand the fellowship’s impact and to inform the future programmatic research and development of the 2022-23 fellowship fiscal year.

As an Artist, I understand in order to create pathways to universal inclusivity, art must continually change and evolve. And as my practice also changes and evolves, so does my understanding of individual complexities in our world. The BLACKBOARD SENSORY PROJECT seeks to develop diverse solutions for community engagement, with works of art outfitted with touch active sound/audio, mixed media texture, Braille and LED lighting.



In this video the artist runs her fingers along a raised outline drawing of a dramatic painting to:


24H x 48W

Oil + Mixed Media on Canvas


We cannot forever escape from the storm. We must learn to stand up to it. - modified quote in audio description

[“You cannot forever escape from the storm; you must learn to stand up to it!”] original quote ― Mehmet Murat ildan


1. Wind Gusts and Wind Storm

2. Intro Quote + Audio Description

ALT TEXT: This interactive painting is 24 inches H x 48 in W. This painting is oil and mixed media and is outfitted with touch activated sound. From left to right in this painting an enormous, strong bank of umber and ochre clouds sweep across a flat plan. The entire atmosphere is engulfed in this bank of storm clouds, except a small space at the far right of the canvas. In this quiet space stands a lone figure, outfitted in sneakers, pants, a raincoat, a mask, goggles and umbrella. In a fighting stance, this lone figure with an outstretched arm, points an open umbrella like a weapon, out in front of their body, holding it with only one hand. Their other arm points backwards, to the very back edge of the canvas, as if holding someone…or something back. This lone figure represents us, as we stand up to the storms of life.

In this video the artist touches different parts of a 60H x 48W canvas to activate three different sounds. Her hands and fingers dance to the sounds.


1. Wind Chimes

2. Thunderstorm

3. Instrumental violin strings being plucked

In this video, a teenage boy touches the upper right surface of an all black 60H x 48W IN. canvas to activate an audio description of the purpose of the art project.

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