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"FUTURE" Mural located at the Evelyn K. Davis Center For Working Families: 1171 7th St, Des Moines, IA 50314

The life legacies of Evelyn K. Davis and J. Barry Griswell are the inspiration behind the mural. These two

individuals dedicated their lives to work toward community betterment in a multitude of ways. Their

work to leave our community and our Earth better than when they came into it, to serve others and

help other enjoy an improved quality of life truley helped me come up with the design of this mural. The

mural begins with a Father and daughter sitting on the porch of their home, talking about the

possibilities of the future. This image also represents home ownership, particularly black home

ownership, as an asset component and represents the importance of the dreaming, fellowship, and

relationships. The narrative progresses to highlight the importance of starting the search for one's

future path and creating a written plan to achieve these dreams and future goals. The narrative

progresses as the written plan comes to life, as the post-it notes turn into confetti around a graduate

holding his child. This is a highlighted moment of a type of achievement that can follow pursuing your

goals, graduation.

The graduate stands for: academic graduation, re-entry graduation ceremonies for

individuals from prison to the community and the importance of others who have gone through the

journey with you, to be able to see you achieve.

The Dad scoops up his son to celebrate this achievement. The narrative continues to move forward post achievement, the future awaits. The earth’s the atmosphere spans out in illuminating tones of blue behind the word FUTURE. A future where

generations stand arm in arm, representing a future where diversity and inclusion work and stand

together to further the legacy.

The final image honors the economic backbone of our community, country, and world, working families, to support and value them accordingly.

This final image also nods towards “Men on the Move.” Men On the Move at Evelyn K. Davis Center is a career closet for men in

the community who have been selected for a job interview, new or existing positions, is in recovery, re-

entry, or those that have business attire (suits, shirts, ties, shoes, pants) clothing needs. The career

closet can also help men with professional haircuts hygiene kits.


1. Black home ownership (notions of the history of red-lining and current red-lining)

2. Habitat for Humanity home building

3. Peer to Peer fellowship

4. The importance of dreaming, success and the journey in overcoming adversity.

5. Creative and cultural expression and history. As far back as 3000 BC, Egyptian women were

believed to have worn artificial nail extensions made of ivory and bone. Those of royal descent,

like Queen Nefertiti, were also known to paint their finger and toenails red, symbolizing their

high status in society.

6. The power of writing things down:


7. The power of accomplishments and self-efficacy: Represented on the East wall in the graduate

and son. (see the arrows below)

➢ DMACC graduation gown: Blue

➢ Graduation leis: Leis are commonly presented when someone is arriving and leaving, to

graduates as they are leaving school and arriving to this new stage of life.

➢ In the mural: Lei - Ti Leaf Maile with Tuberose is a symbol of respect, peace, friendship and love.

➢ Graduation stoles symbolize the accomplishments of the graduate.

➢ The transition from incarceration to life in the community and how to prevent recidivism

through correctional education, graduation reentry and community services and helping


8. Accessibility and Inclusion: BrainRobotics Prosthetics robotic arm.

9. The expression of identity through hairstyles and the long-standing signature of hair in multiple


10. Leadership, self-sacrifice, spiritual vitality and heroic deeds: Kente cloth: TOKU KRA TOMA

11. The importance of working families.

12. The importance and journey of sobriety using the AA bracelet.

13. Men On The Move

14. The power of future focus


FOLIAGE THEMS: GREEN leaves depict hope, renewal, and revival.

➢ Monstera: symbolize honor, respect, and longevity (Great for: Someone who values their

background and family history.)

➢ Snake Plant: symbolize cleanliness and tenacity (Great for: Someone who is creative or as a

housewarming gift because it naturally purifies the air.)

➢ Ferns: symbolize sincerity towards others.

➢ Hosta: symbolize devotion and friendship and very effective in groups or massed.

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