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TEDx Talk

On May 11th, 2021 I stepped onto the TEDx stage and truly this was a dream come true! Speaking and presenting on the power of public art to create positive change was both a responsibility and an honor.

Over the past 18 years, I have created public and private works of art for individuals, organizations, and businesses to, among many things help promote recovery from substance use and addiction, support adult and adolescent mental health services, promote mental health awareness, evoke empathy, elevate voices, transform spaces and encourage awareness of inequality, accessibility, sustainability and injustice. The most recent mural I completed for Disability Rights Iowa in 2020, entitled “Be The Change”, sought to do just that. This is the answer that I found on how public works of art can create positive change.

The value of legacy and keeping history alive cannot be measured. But what can be measured is time and when our time runs out and we transcend, what a better way to support the future then by preserving the past in public works of art.

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