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I AM | Iowa Department for the Blind Makerspace Workshop

On Valentine's Day 2022 seven creatives got together, in a warm room, in downtown Des Moines to collaborate on a project...

IN THIS IMAGE | A group of six creatives gathered around a table where they were working on a collaborative art project. The seventh individual is behind the camera.📸 Each individual is living with different levels of sight or sight impairments. These individuals are collaborating on an interactive, public work of art to be installed in the Skywalk system at 701 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA👉🏾Please #staytuned for ALL "I AM" Artist/Creative Bios AND narrated video of this accessible art workshop.

S K Y W A L K A C T I V A T I O N | Operation Downtown

• Two 4’ x 5’ interactive canvases + a community workshop with the Iowa Department for the Blind to complete one of the two canvases.

• Each painting will be coated in epoxy. The epoxy will seal the paper and paint to the surface

of the canvas and allow for the paintings to be interactive. Individuals will be able to touch

and feel the textures and braille on the surface of the canvases. The epoxy will allow for the works to be cleaned, without damaging the work.

• Each canvas will have the “I AM” braille quotes printed out and adhered to the surface of

each canvas.


• Fun • Caring • Trustworthy • Honest • A worrywart • Klutzy • Loyal • A foodie • A friend • A teacher

• A problem solver • A reader • A chocoholic • A visitor of interesting places • A writer • Inspirational

• Healthy • A runner • Kind • Smart • Capable • Strong • Successful • A traveler • A nerd • A good parent • A good grandparent

Skywalk Activation Project in collaboration with Iowa Department for the Blind + ArtForce Iowa

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