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FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION | A Transformative Art Project of Accessibility + Inclusion


Mosaic in Central Iowa in partnership with Heritage Gallery, Mainframe Studios and The Harkin Institute Fellow Jill Wells, BFA, proposes a 13 artist group project and exhibition to promote the full participation of individuals living with disabilities in and through the arts. Freedom of Expression underscores the relationship between human experiences and the right to freedom of expression and opinion as essential to the ability of persons with disabilities to develop as individuals and to participate fully in all aspects of life on an equal basis.


  • disability awareness

  • arts + culture

  • creating community

Freedom of Expression will be focusing its efforts on creating a mini-documentary and public art event that cultivates and communicates a disability culture. All the created and exhibited work will present the highest quality, contemporary art done by Artists living with disabilities from around central Iowa.

THE EXHIBITIION | May 2023 Heritage Gallery

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