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Disability Rights Iowa Mural!

The most recent project I said yes to is working with Disability Rights Iowa in creating this mural because I strongly believe in their mission and story. This project has offered me an opportunity amid obstacles to learn, share and be part of the DRI family! Being chosen to create this mural and to be a part of helping people with disabilities and mental illness deal with discrimination is an honor. The project will cover two walls at the DRI headquarters in Downtown Des Moines. One wall will have the DRI logo and one wall will display a narrative mural. The narrative mural is 8ft x 14ft in length. 20 years ago, my brother suffered from a massive brain hemorrhage which, among other things, has left him without his sight. Because I feel that art should be able to be experienced by everyone, I will also be creating a tactile, miniature rendition of the narrative mural for the visually impaired. It will be coated in microbicidal paint and placed at the DRI site. This mural is being commissioned by Disability Rights Iowa to create a welcoming environment for their clients and families. The design captures the spirit of the fight for disability and human rights, equality, and the love and care in the human experience.

LOCATION: Interior Space @ Walnut St, Des Moines, IA 50309


Daily live streams! I will be posting daily live streams on Disability Rights Iowa Facebook page. Live streaming will be 9am-12pm (CST) Monday - Friday, except 12.28.2020-01.02.2021. During the this time livestreaming will be 1-3pm (CST). Streaming the creation of this mural gives viewers a behind the scenes look at what really goes on in creating artwork of this magnitude. Sooo, all the thrills and spills, tips and tricks! #watchingpaintdri ACROSS all social media platforms to spread the word and show support of Disability Rights Iowa!...stay tuned ;)

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