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#buxtonlives !

My MORET THAN MONOLITHS [MTM] Artist Talk with the one and only artist and fellow ICI cohort Cameron Grey was a special shared space and time. Such a real time and I sure hope those of you who give it a listen enjoy an authentic time. Cam and I dove into conversations about creative influences, Grandmothers, producing new bodies of work sparked by civil unrest, parenting as an artist and the beauty of Black creators.

The Buxton Initiative was created by Cameron to dispel the notion of Blackness as a single monolithic experience, just as art can’t be reduced to a single form, media, or subject. Cameron will continue to additional host more MTM conversations with featured artists and hosted through August of 2021 by The Ames Public Library.

Each artist talk will identify and explore how the featured artist defines themselves and their practice—whether they imbue their creations with an understanding of Blackness from their discipline, images of the Black body, historical American aspects of Blackness, or the beauty of African influence. #buxtonlives

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