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Mainframe Studios | 08/03/2022

With boundless, joyful installations booming off the walls, 2D works, and interactive LED mood lights, COLOR BOMBS brings together color in its most potent elements. This solo exhibit explores the relationship between space, movement, color and spontaneity.

AXA Mentorship Program is pleased to present COLOR BOMBS by Jack Marren, on view August 8019, 2022 at Mainframe Studios 4th Floor Gallery.

Iowa-based abstract artist Jack Marren is best known for his bold works investigating color, form, and spatial interactions. The 2017 Best Buddies International Ambassador and the 2017 Keynote speaker for the BBIA Leadership Conference, Marren has been in practice for just under a decade.

In 2022 Marren was selected for Jill Wells's Artist X Advocacy [A.X.A] Mentorship Program.

“I create bright colored abstract art inspired by the 3 words I live by... Dream, Dare, Do. I am a local artist living with autism, but that doesn’t make me a broken person. I have a giant passion for art. I’m always daring myself to dream. I create art because it lets me go beyond my imagination. It is rare that I will use blacks, whites, and grays because I’m happy with most of my life."


Jacck Marren / @marren.jack505

Jill Wells / Sabrina Carpe /

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