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Art + History Mural

New Mural in Des Moines, Iowa at The Evelyn K. Davis Center For Working Families | 1171 7th St, Des Moines, IA 50314

I created this mural to represent the legacy of both J. Barry Griswell and Evelyn K. Davis. The mural begins with a Father and daughter sitting on the porch of their home, talking about the possibilities of the future. This image also represents home ownership as an asset component and represents the importance of the parent and child role and relationship. The narrative progresses to highlight the importance of creating a written plan to achieve future goals, such as financial goals and strategies. The narrative progresses to highlight a type of achievement that can come with pursuing your goals, graduation. The graduate also represents a working parent and is a nod towards, Dad’s with a Purpose program. The Dad scoops up his son to celebrate this achievement with his child. The narrative continues to move forward post achievement, the future awaits. The earth’s atmosphere spans out in illuminating tones of blue behind the word FUTURE. The earth itself rests below the word FUTURE in green and white. A future where generations stand arm in arm, representing a future where diversity and inclusion work and stand together for working families. The final image honors the economic backbone of our country, working families, to support and value them accordingly. Additional feedback I received was to bring back an image from my first design, the family heading out to school and work, highlight future planning and highlight educational achievements to clarify and strengthen the message. I feel I have done this through the current design and narrative. Both Barry and Evelyn dedicated their lives to helping others and giving in the Des Moines Community and beyond.

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