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About the other night...

So, Marissa Hernandez and I got the J.O.B. done the other night at The Evelyn K. Davis Center For Working Families. We projected the final wall at the mural site and needless to say, I took the next day off! LOL ;p ... it was all good though. For real, I walked away at the end of the night so grateful that 1. Marissa is my assistant and 2. That I am a night owl.

This mural for the Evelyn K. Davis Center For Working Families begun with an open call for artist in November of 2020 and fast forward to April of 2021, the first coats of paint went on. Despite the many ups and downs of the Iowa weather, things have moved right along and NO integrity of work have been compromised. This mural seeks to represent hidden images, marginalized stories and the legacies of DMI movement makers! Not only is this mural work a test of artistic excellence, but also physical strength, agility, and technical expertise. Stay posted everyone...the best is yet to be done!

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