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Meet The Artist | ZOE NISWANDER (she/her)


Zoe Niswander is an Iowa-based, abstract artist whose artwork is inspired by current events or dreams. Zoe would love to sell her artwork, primarily so she can afford more materials. Zoe's work is all about the process of creating, almost more than the end result. "My goals are to host gallery openings and work with other artists to learn more and develop my skills."

When did you first start creating what do you remember creating?

"I started painting when I was 5 years old. My Father encouraged me to use my ideas and put them on colorful pictures like rainbows, flying ponies, ocean, light, and darkness!"

How do you create your artwork and what inspires you?

"In moments of frustration, I paint! To help me calm down. Happiness, I like to celebrate by staying busy and creating whatever comes to mind at the moment.

What does FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION mean to you?

"Freedom of expression means painting what I am feeling at the moment such as clouds and darkness, sunny days and rainbows and flying ponies."


ALT text:

1. Color photo of artist Zoe Niswander in the studio at Mainframe Studios. She is a Caucasian female with shoulder-length brown hair and glasses. She is wearing a headband, a cream-colored shirt, and blue gloves. She is sitting in her motorized chair and throwing up the peace sign with her left hand.

2. Color photo of Zoe inside The Polk County Heritage Gallery. She is wearing a grey and black striped shirt, light grey pants with paint on them, and glasses. She is sitting in front of a camera, in her motorized chair, and smiling. There are works of art on the wall behind her.

3. This short 2-second video pans from the surface of Zoe's artwork out to her palette, brush, and water sitting on the table next to her painting.

4. Color photo of Zoe's painting, being held up by hand. The painting has a black background and five neon glitter stars in the sky. There are two ponies in the foreground, moving forward on a brown pathway along a green hill. The lead pony has a yellow body and teal wings and tail. The following pony has a white body, with blue leg warmers and white and blue wings and tail. The wing swirls over their heads, represented by moving swirls of pink and silver glitter.

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Cheryl Van Horn
Cheryl Van Horn
01. Mai 2023

Thanks for the post of all the artists. I'm lovin' on Zoe Niswander as she is my granddaughter and I think she's pretty awesome😎.

Gefällt mir
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