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Meet The Artist | VERA WEBSTER (she/her)

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

BIO | Q & A

Art is a means of communication. It speaks in ways and expresses ideas and insights that are harder to express verbally. Webster's caretakers have helped her explore the mixing of paint colors, working with glue, ripped paper, and collages. The freedom to create, to make a mess, and share her bright and bold personality comes through in Vea's artwork. We get a glimpse into that creative soul and see her ideas come to life as we watch her put all the pieces of her work together step-by-step. It makes her very proud and she enjoys the process of creating as much as the big vibrant finished pieces.

Somedays, Vera reaches for bold colors, other days for blurry - light blue is her favorite color. Patterns emerge and project takeaway signs of boredom and routine. Art is calming!

Vera's artwork has been shared on Mosaic greeting cards and will keep showing up and be supported in her efforts now that she has had the opportunity to share her work with others.


ALT text

1. Color photo of artist Vera Webster inside Mainframe Studios, creating her collage. Vera is an African American female with short salt and pepper curly hair. She is wearing a colorful t-shirt and blue latex gloves. There are bowls of watercolor paint on top of the table and deconstructed pieces of arches paper.

2. Color, close-up photo of dyed collage paper pieces by artist Vera Webster.

3. Color photo of Vera's finished collage on an easel inside the AXA studio at Mainframe. There is a snake plant to the left of the easel and a colorful carpet under the easel.

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