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Meet The Artist | SARAH SADIE LOGEMANN (she/her)

Updated: Apr 8, 2023


Sarah Sadie Logemann is a contemporary multimedia artist who lives and works in Iowa.

"Art guides my spirit to find connection that creates emotional regulation. I love looking at art in general as therapy. I am an artist who creates with glitter, bubbly, and bold colors. I love to be in the center of the crowd because that’s where the brightest color pops out. I have struggled with depression and feeling out of the loop. I am a believer in love, and art is a gift to me. I like to let others keep my creations to carry-on grounded connections."

When did you first start creating and what do you remember making?

"In school, 5th grade at Earlham elementary school. My teacher's name was Mr. Vonrentzle. I made a clay sculpture fish.

What inspires you to create?

"It's my element...where I love to be, my peaceful world. I love to create because it creates more of me."

What are you currently reading?

"Your Are Never Alone by Max Lucado."

What does FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION meant to you?

"It means expressing your feelings and your emotions even more. Feelings are not real, your emotions are."

Tell me about your goals and hopes for the future.

"My hopes and goals for the future are to help people with mental health and help them explore their possibilities in art."



1. Color photo of artist Sadie Logemann inside the Polk County Heritage Gallery. She is a SE Asian female, with short red/blond hair. She is sitting in a chair in front of a camera wearing a black and tan patterned shirt, blue denim jacket and blue jeans.

2. Color image of an art installation piece by Sadie Logemann. An origami bird, made of heart patterned paper rests in a glitter garden with glitter incrusted faux foliage and flowers.

3. Close up, color image of art supplies on a table inside an art studio. There are multi-colored, large bottles' of glitter and faux dried flowers.

4. Close up, color image, looking over the shoulder of Sadie as she works on an art therapy drawing entitled, My Past and Future Hands. She is wearing a yellow hoodie, blue jeans and she is sitting at a table drawing her left hand and images of what her hand holds drawn inside the hand.

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