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Meet The Artist | RYAN MUELLER (he/him)


Ryan Mueller is a geometric abstraction artist, who lives and works in Ankeny, Iowa. He creates his work using a systematic process. Drawing lined grids across sheets of paper, using rulers and working from the edges into the middle, Ryan explores the relationship between lines, angles and surface. When choosing the colors, he works organically. "I creates as a way to enjoy time with myself, in my own space." Ryan has an interest and goals to exhibit his works to the public and connect with the community through his art.

Is creating artwork important to you?

"Yes, it is."

What is your favorite color?

"My favorite color is red."

Have you ever shown your artwork in a gallery before?

"No, I have never shown in a gallery before."

Do you want to do more art shows in the future?

"Yes, I do." This year, 2023, artist Ryan Mueller is exhibiting 21 of his works on paper at the Polk County Heritage Gallery in the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION PROJECT Exhibition.


ALT text:

1. Color photo of artist Ryan Mueller inside AXA studio at Mainframe. Ryan is a Caucasian male with short brown hair. He is wearing wire rim glasses, a grey long-sleeve shirt, he is sitting at a work table and smiling. There is a computer next to him, displaying his artwork.

2. Close up, color photo of Ryan working on his grid artwork in the beginning stages. His right hand is holding a blue marker and he is filling in the tiny grid cells of his artwork on paper. On the table next to him on the left, are different colored markers.

3. Close up, color photo of Ryan's grid artwork, in the beginning stages. The paper is white, the grid lines are black and some of the tiny cells are colored in different colors.

4. Color photo of many of Ryan's finished works on paper, laying on a wooden studio table.

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