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Meet The Artist | NATHAN WILLIAMSON (he/him)


Nathan Williamson is an Iowa-based artist specializing in stained glass. "I was born with spina bifida and have been using a wheelchair my entire life. I create unique art rich with colors and meaning. Being able to create works of art with my hands has brought me so much joy."

Who taught you the art of stained glass?

"My Aunt Gloria. I create in a big space at my Aunt's"

What do you like best about working with stained glass?

"It is fun, I like everything about it. I create angels and crosses because I love them. Being able to create works of art with my hands has brought me so much joy "

Why is showing your artwork in a gallery special to you?

"I love to share my art and show people how to do it."

How many works will you be showing for the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION exhibition at Polk County Heritage Gallery?

"I will be showing 21 pieces and I am excited!"



1. Color photo of artist Nathan Williamson inside the AXA art studio at Mainframe Studios. Nathan is a Caucasian male, with short brown hair. He is wearing a gray Vikings hoodie and a baseball cap. He is smiling.

2. Color photo of artist Nathan Williamson and Aunt Gloria inside their home studio. Gloria is a Caucasian female, with short blond hair, wearing a teal and gray baseball shirt and blue jeans. Nathan is sitting and Gloria is leaning in on his right side. They are smiling. Nathan holds a maroon stained glass piece up with his left hand.

3. Color photo of a blue/teal stained glass cross, resting on a table with stained glass tools in the background.

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