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Meet The Artist | KEVIN THOR (he/him)


Kevin is a Viking artist and was born and raised in Asgard. Kevin is a painter, metal worker, scholar, and sword fighter. He creates at Mainframe Studios and is an Iowa-based artist. He creates his history of his Nordic God self into human life. He physically occupies his creations in his home space, outside of the gallery and has plans to exhibit his work in future public art space.

When did you first start creating and what do you remember making?

"I started creating when I was a little kid. I remember making armor out of leather and metal."

What is your artwork about?

"My artwork is about my Nordic god self. It means warrior, God, and strength."

How do you define success as an artist?

"Success to me means that I have a good talent for art. My Mom taught me when I was little. I watched my Mom do art when I was growing up. I could tell that it made her feel very an happy and pleasant. And it brought her thoughts into the future of what she wanted to do with me."

What motivates you to create?

"I would like to teach other people how to create clothes and armor out of leather and metal. I also like to teach other people about my Nordic history and myself."

What are your future goals and how can the community support your work?

"My goal for the future is to continue making Nordic clothing and armor and to teach others to do that too. I would like to show them how to do this at a Renaissance faire."



1. Black/white photo of Kevin Thor's shoulders and chest. He is wearing his Nordic jewelry and faux fur artwear.

2. Color photo of Kevin's artwear design layout. The materials are inside an art studio, on a table and include a silver, metal Nordic helmet, faux fur and dear horns.

3. Color photo of Kevin's leather crafting tools. The tools are on a table, inside an art studio.

4. Color photo of a piece of dark, umber leather in the crafting process. This piece of leather is the sample piece, being used as a template for the final design which will be a pair of custom leather, Nordic forearm and wrist cuffs.

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