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Meet The Artist | JACK MARREN (he/him)

Updated: Apr 8


Iowa based artist Jack Marren has a very impressive body of work and here is why. "I create bright-colored abstract art inspired by the 3 words I live by... Dream, Dare, Do. I am a local artist living with autism, but that doesn’t make me a broken person. I have a giant passion for art. I’m always daring myself to dream. I create art because it lets me go beyond my wildest imagination. It is rare that I will use blacks, whites, and grays because I’m happy with most of my life."

Jack, what inspires you to create?

"Life would be extremely boring and Blah without it, without bright colors."

When did you first start creating and what do you remember making?

"I don't really remember. It has just always played a HUGE role in my life."

What does FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION mean to you?

"It means that art is a release from anything and everything that life may throw my way. The freedom of expression project wouldn't be possible without my Amazing mentor, Jill Wells."

Where does your 'dream, dare, do' saying come from?

"It comes from my endless desire and instinct to NEVER stop dreaming, daring myself to dream, and chasing down my dreams."

Do you have a favorite artist and if so, who?

"I am extremely inspired by Omar Hassan, Justin Vasey, Dale Chihuly, Chris Vance and most of all Jill Wells."




Image 1: Color professional head shot of Jack Marren, in studio at Mainframe. Jack is a Caucasian male, with short brown hair.

Image 2: Color, close-up photo of Jack Marren's hand touching colorful pieces of his abstract artwork.

Image 3: Color photo of Jack Marren and Jill Wells working in studio at Mainframe. Jack is a Caucasian male, with short brown hair. He is sitting in a chair and wearing a teal polo and blue jeans. Jill is a BIPOC female, with short black hair. She is standing on Jack's left side, pointing to his artwork. She is wearing a blue denim top and blue jeans.

Image 4: Color photo of two images collaged. Top photo is of Jack sitting and pointing towards his wall installation in the Mainframe Studio's 4th floor gallery. Wall text above him reads: JACK MAREEN | COLOR BOMBS

Bottom image is a close up photo of colorful, pieces of his abstract art installation.

Photos | Janae Patrice Photography

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