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Meet The Artist | DANIELLE (she/her)


Danielle is an Iowa-based artist, whose anime works focus on relationship dynamics and the past. Danielle would like to collaborate with gamers in bringing her anime works into accessible gaming. "I have been creating for 11 years. I am living with blindness, but I can do anything anyone else can. What inspires me to create depends on my mood. Anime artists are my favorite artists."

What inspires you to create?

"It all depends on my mood. If I am in a negative mood, I don't create."

Do you have a favorite musician and do you have a favorite artist?

"Eddy Rath is my favorite musician. My favorite artists are anime artists and right now I am reading Naruto."

What is your favorite game and if you could have any anime super power what would it be?

"Pokemon go is my favorite game and I would be a ninja, because you have so many strengths."

What is standing in your way of creating accessible anime gaming?

"The funding would be the hardest part and I know it is expensive to develop games these days. It would come down to funding. The Pokémon Go company is a company I really want to work with and Numinous Games at Mainframe."

What is special to you about exhibiting in a gallery and working in an art studio?

"I have never exhibited in a gallery before and never been in a studio before now. I like Mainframe."


ALT text:

1. Color, close up photo of one of Danielle's anime drawings in her sketch book. Next to her drawing, in the foreground are her Master's Touch Fine Art Studio markers, red, yellow and orange.

2. Color photo of artist Danielle inside the AXA studio at Mainframe. She is a Caucasian female. She is sitting at a table, holding her tablet up close to her eyes. Her markers and sketchbook are on the table in front of her.

3. Close up, color photo of Danielle's hand drawing an anime character in her sketchbook. The sketchbook has a black cover, white pages and she is drawing with an orange/yellow marker.

4. Close up, color photo of Danielle working on her tablet, researching Naruto anime. Her left hand is up to the touch screen and her fingers are engaging with the screen. She is wearing a hot pink shirt.

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