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Iowa-based artist, Jill Wells has firmly situated herself within art and advocacy work. A 2005 graduate of Drake University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, she is well known for her dynamic, colorful, and tactile multimedia works investigating race, history, stereotypes, accessibility, and human experiences. By exploring the powerful alignment between arts integration and Universal Design, Wells' work seeks solutions for innovative pathways into accessible art.


In her practice, Wells engages with individuals of all abilities, through various interdisciplinary art workshops and talks to create new modes of working through the arts, that is truly inclusive and representational. Without shying away from the complicated socio-political histories relevant to the world, Wells’ interactive, multimedia works “are transforming the art scene through social engagement and she is building a future of advocacy through the arts.”


  • Jill WellsArt
  • Jill WellsArt
  • Jill Wells Art
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